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February 18, 2007

Posted by richards in Uncategorized.

I think that reading books is as useful as watching TV, going through Internet,practising sport,dancing,etc.I know that reading books is useful for us,but nowadays it’s old-fashioned!There are many other kinds of useful things,you can do!The other things are even ‘more easy’ and equally useful,so most people,I would Say, prefer ‘the modern’ occupations,such as internet,TV,etc.! In fact,I think that these things are even more useful,because in Internet you can search whatever you want,you can study,you can share,you can have a fun,you can get knowledge,etc.!On the TV,you watch different kinds of productions-useful,funny,educational,modern,etc.|shows,movies,serials,TV Games,News,etc.!So where is the point to read books,instead of enjoying yourself in contemporary technology,which are more comfortable,useful and funny than books? :)))



1. lyd - February 18, 2007

well, how is reading books old-fashioned? isn’t reading texts on the computer the same as reading texts on paper? it’s both about READING,so do you mean READING itself is old-fashioned and useless?

2. spicegirl - February 20, 2007

Misho, reading will never be old-fahioned because every succeding person(in whatever sphere) is reading books. And abook doesn’t mean the awful “Пространно житие на кирил” or the boring stupid things we are forced to study at school. There are books about the future, about Big Brother!, about magic, about teenagers (“Lizzy McGuire is a teenage book, nad it shows teh life of a teenager in teh 21 century- it worths reading it!) and there are also books about vampires, horrors, love, many many kinds. Reading develops what we call “връзка с главния” cause it developes youre imagination. There are no actors or journalists who present their view point – it’s only your way of thinking. I’m reading as much as I can(when I find time amongs studying) and I feel good 😛

3. richards - February 20, 2007

By ‘old-fashioned’ I mean that nowadays there are many other new,contemporary ways of prospering and succeeding in the life!These ‘modern’ ways,I think, are very useful and easier to practise!For example,it’s more useful to watch any scientific film,or search through Internet for any information,than to read book,where:1.you can meet unfamiliar words,such as dialects,old phrases,etc.;2.you sometimes could not understand the style of writing of the author,for example,if he uses very complex phrases,such as”нравствени измерения,проблематизиране на ситуативната конструкция,etc(I just read them in my textbook);3.in the movies,in addition to the useful information,visual and audio materials are given,so it’s easier to study and understand them!!!So reading books(on paper) NOWADAYS is less useful than other new,imroved things!For example,which would teach you more about the sun-if you read a book about its structure,functions,etc. or if you watch scientific film about the sun,where you’ll see what and how exactly happen in the sun,in addition to the information of the structure,functions,etc.?!!! :)))

4. anjelina90 - February 22, 2007

I agree with your opinion that we can easily find everything we need in the internet.To a certain extent Internet is a way of life,but i can’t agree that reading books is old-fashioned.I think that our generation is learned to make things as easier as possible.There are some things that are written only in books,and you can’t find them in internet.In my opoinion we aren’t learned to read books.What a pitty!Don’t you think?

5. spicegirl - February 22, 2007

Are we supposed to look for the easiest things always? And books develop one’s imagination but internet doesn’t 🙂 Reading book is not old fashioned it is just difficult and takes a lot of time 😛 Can you read about different characters and situations only in teh I-net, ot you actually search for facts there? If it is so – I-net is really easier way 😛

6. spicegirl - February 22, 2007

I don’t say Internet is stupid – I love being in teh I-net and I always spend a lot of time searching and doing different things in the virtual space, but reading books is not odd too 😛

7. lyd - February 22, 2007

misho, diffucult text and e-books could be found on the Internet, a lot of texts are on the Internet; i fact it contains more text than anything else, and believe me, you can find much more difficult texts there than the ones in your literature book.

there are complex ideas, which cannot be expressed only through pictures and video + as little text as possible. however, you have probably never come upon important complex ideas, explained in a difficult language. however, there are A LOT of them. the fact that you don’t study such things at school does not mean they do not exist. your highschool education level is not the highest possible, if you believe so, you might be really surprised at college.

you might say that all things could be explained in an easy way. well, not everything could be explained in such a way. to understand some things you should have learned other things, you should have understood some complex ideas. if you haven’t, then the simplest way in which they could be explained will seem difficult and meaningless to you.

you’re a smart guy, but your perspective of the world is still so limited. instead of trying to expand it as much as you can, you just refuse doing difficult things that could broaden your horizons.

do you know how many books websites like amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com sell?!? you won’t believe it! educated people read a lot, misho, and people who don’t, don’t go to good colleges because they will not survive there. neither will they survive on jobs requiring brainwork and knowledge.

you now sound like the shop ( a person who was born in the flat sofia fields) who saw a giraffe in the zoo and said, “there isn’t such an animal!”

8. richards - February 23, 2007

Well….as far as I understood all of you prefer the difficult,complex way to easy,faster and simple way!Why?!!!Passing through the easier way save time!The time is very important,isn’t it?!Reading a book may take weeks!The time,taken in reading any type of fiction may be used in more useful things-watching useful films,getting inforamtion from Internet,sport,and many others educational and useful activities!And how does the belles lettres would improve your knowledge?Because if you want to enter a good colege,you should have much erudition and knowledge,not to know what Shakespeare had felt and thought when writing “Hamlet”;or what’s happened in any chapter of any book! 🙂

9. lyd - February 23, 2007

to enter a good college you need to be able to think and understand difficult ideas; it’s the same with succeeding on the job. erudition and knowing facts is not the same.

intelligence is NOT the same as erudition.

easy things could temporarily fill your head with facts.

difficult things make you smart.

you might be avoiding difficult things now, but you’ll come upon them at a good college, and then on the job, even in personal life.

you’d better get to know difficult things. once you know them, you’ll see they are sweet and charming 🙂 you’ll grow addicted to them.

when do you feel prouder – when you learn several facts ot when you succeed in solving a difficult math problem?

10. richards - February 24, 2007

I’m prouder when I’ve succeeded in solving a difficult math problem!But in order to do it,I shouldn’t know what any author had thought and felt when writing a book,but I must have erudition,knowledge!Also the best way of solving the math problem is the shortest,simplest way!For example,in order to calculate 16*x*y/8*x*y,if x=5.236988 and y=7.00359,I shouldn’t take the difficult way-to substitute x and y,to multiple them,then to divide,etc,,but I should just cancel x with x and y with y and then to divide 16 by 8!So…isn’t the simplest way better than the complex,long and diffficult way? 🙂 I mean that very often the shortest way is the best way,it’s not necessary to ‘harass yor mind’ with complex ideas and complex words,which are often met in the litertaure!!!

11. lyd - February 24, 2007

check the meaning of the word “erudition” 🙂

complex words express complex ideas, and, of course, erudition is related to that 🙂 you need to know things and draw on your knowlede of things in order to think and understand complex things.

some people “harrass” theiw minds with complex ideas and are regularly paid a lot. other people take the easy way to learn as many facts as possible and hope to win the lottery.

i still hope you try to think harder and be one of the first group. you’re smart enough to be. you just refuse to “harrass” your mind. we live in a free country – you choose 🙂

12. spicegirl - February 25, 2007

The explanation is actually very very simple, I think – if you want to be a big ass you must behave like one! What’s that mean? – to be cool in every situation! You know the saying “when things go hot, only the hottest survive!” Is it possible to learn how to react in soooo many milions of situations? Can you experience them all in one human’s life? Nooo, but you can see them trough others people view point – reading books! 🙂

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