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February 25, 2007

Posted by richards in Uncategorized.

pinguinsThe animals are one of the things,I love most!They ‘decorate’ the world,make it motley!In fact,the most of them(99% of the vertebrates) don’t do nothing bad to us!I’m shocked to see how some people ‘love’ to kill the animals,even in brutal way!So far,billions of innocent animals have beem killed,some just for pleasure!I think it should change and the animal murder must be very limited!I’m afraid of the fatal consequences of this terrible process!

Other thing,which trouble me is the pollution and destruction of the nature!The nature landscapes are imposing sight!They inspire many people and make the earth ‘beautiful’!But some people destroy the beautiful forests,pollute the unbounded sky,the impressive ocean and the earth,of course!As I think,I can’t find the motives of these people – ‘nature-destroyers’ to destroy the nature,to kill the animals!

Isn’t the nature majestic?!Aren’t the animals unique wealth of the life?!Why Do we,the people, kill them with no feelings?!!!What should happen in order to understand the prise of killing animals and polluting the nature?!Why we regard the animals as items,not as living creature,what they are?!What’s your opinion of the question 🙂 and what steps should be taken in order to save the wealth of the nature and the life?! 🙂



1. lyd - February 26, 2007

i believe you should not use quotation marks so often 😛

do you believe animals exist to make the world beautiful?

2. richards - March 5, 2007

Animals exist,because without them the earth wouldn’t exist,or at least the ‘living nature’!The animals make the world beautiful,dynamic ,possible 🙂 ! So the animals are very important!!!

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