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February 25, 2007

Posted by richards in Uncategorized.

This week,I’m excused from school,but I can go in any classes in any days!When I began to choose which classes to visit,I automatically expelled literature!My mum criticized me for that,saying”It’s main subject,you should go”,then I explained her the thing,I’ll explained to you!

Why we should study literature so much?!!!As I think over it,where’s the point?!In literature we study what any author has thought and felt when writing any creation,what’s his style of thinking and expressing!In fact,nobody cares about that,noone is interested in any author’s thoughts and feelings!And how would that help us to prosper in the life!Who’s gonna ask us what the way of expressing of Molier is!The time,taken in studying the complex theory in literature and the way of thinking of any writer should be taken in much more useful way,isn’t it?!Improving any foreign language,or knowing the structure of the humen,the air,the water,etc.;knowing about the demographic problems,electric current,etc.  would be much more useful to us,than knowing any writer’s feelings!In the life,we would have much benefit,if knowing these things,not Molier’s way of writing and the means of expression!And we must ‘harass’ our mind with that 4 times a week,excluding the homework!Isn’t that very unfair-to study literature so much; and the other much more important and useful subject less?! After all,what’s more important – to know any writer’s feelings,or to improve the English,or biologiy,or geography,etc?!!! 🙂



1. lyd - February 26, 2007

there are many reasons why studying literature is a good idea. there are many ways to study a subject. some of them are good, and some are bad.

how do you study about writers’ feelings? does the teacher tell you what they were or are you supposed to guess?

many things could help you prosper. there are things which everyone needs to know in order to be successful. the most important is called emotional intelligence.

you might be a genius, a person of extensive knowledge too. ok. in order to be successful, you need to get on well with people, to be liked by people. that means you have to know people well, to know what to expect from them, how to treat them.

literature can help you learn a lot about human nature.

2. richards - March 2, 2007

Well…. You are right,or more exactly you are supposed to be right,but not completely : )! In literature we study about the biography of any writer’s,about their way of thinking,their opinions…in short all about the writers!How would that help us in our relationships?!Is it REALLY necessary to ‘harass’ our minds with the life of so many authors!Yes,we also study and other things(style of writing,complex words and phrases,which I don’t find useful 🙂 ),but the main goal of studing literure fails-I mean we don’t emphasize on the important things,but on the complex theory and thermins 😦 !

1.Their is a special science,called ‘psychology” where human relationships are studied and it can help us,I think,more than studying about the writer’s lives!
2.We can improve our relationships in other useful ways- watching romantic stories, and other kinds of movies!

I think the way of studing literature in Bulgaria,as you’ve said, isn’t good and useful!

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