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History = Factology ?!? March 9, 2008

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I haven’t written in my blog for a year, but now I have very serious reason to do it – my bad grade( it’s not 2) in history. I have very variable and uncertain attitude toward the history, but anyway, I found it useful, important and interesting so far. It’s true that the way of teaching any subject affects the opinion of the students toward it (althought it shouldn’t be that way; the students shouldn’t care about the teachers and their way of teaching so much) and now I really began to hate it, althought it was among my favourire subjects in 10th and 9th class.

My main argument is that our history teacher wants us to know soooo manyyy dates and places that our memory just runs mad. On out test, there were about 20 dates and 10 very unfamous towns we should have exactly known, and the bad thing is that I don’t exaggarete at all…We had to name all the countries in East Asia, occupied by Japan.We had to name all African countries, where the Second World War has taken place. We had to write the exact place and date of the meetings of Stalin, Churchill and Ruzvlet…and many other places and dates.

As we are made to study such things, or more exactly to ‘grind’ (зубрим) them, I asked myself one question… is the main point of history knowing dates, names and places??…or helping us make effect-result realtionships, knowing the others’ mistakes and trying not to repeat their mistakes again, knowing why everyhting now happens, what has provoked it, is it logical; who, where and why has interests, etc? I conclude that the way we study history in Bulgaria stands for the first – focusing on knowing many facts, and little attention to the relationships between them. It even sounds very funny for me, but on our test there was no question why and how; all the questions were: when. where, which and who…we had only to write facts, without explaining them 😦

I’ll also upload photos of the test, which I had to make fastly and secretly, because we had only about 2-3 minutes to view our test, before giving it back to the teacher.

I think that we should study history in order to explain the things that has ever happened, thus we’ll able to predict the things, which are going to happen. We should learn about the effect-results relationships and try to find their logics and point; we should know what a country has done, why and how, so we’ll be able to explain the things happening lately…. BUT Mr. Popov doesn’t think like me… he wants us just to know many facts, dates, places, towns, names of presidents, ministers, even of soldiers sometimes :d

I also asked myself 3 more questions:

1.Why are all the reference books created?..if we ocasionally need any date/town,etc. we’ll look in the book and find it…ot perhaps we should learn all dates and facts by heart 😛

2.How big is our memory and if it’s full of dates/names,etc. will it work properly?

3.On which questions is it more important for us to answer – where, when, who and which or why, how, because of what and what are the reaons and results?

Please think over that questions and answer me 🙂



1. lyd - March 10, 2008

you used to be a great fan of facts 😀 now you can see my point about learning how to learn and think or?

2. Victoria - March 15, 2008

wow I am surprised that this post is written by misho 😀 I thought that you love learning facts and that your phylosophy is “more facts,better” 😀 I hate learning dates, too. I absolutely agree with you (I know it is strange ,but meracles happen :DD)

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