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Geography…not so boring March 19, 2008

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So far in 11th class, I’ve never regarded our geography lessons as interesting and pleasant, but our geography lesson today was really very interesting. We watched a BBC’s movie about the water, precipitations, storms, etc. Although the film was related to geography and the earth as a whole, I liked it very much and I think almost all of my classmates liked it, too. The film contained both scientific and comedic things, so it kept our attention during the whole class.Furthermore, our class is noisy as a whole, but during the movie, everybody was quiet, watching the filming and enjoying its useful information and interesting effects.This was probably one of the most pleasant classes, I’ve had soon, so it really impressed me very much.

At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher asked us: ’What do you choose: teaching you about Pirin ( a mountain in Bulgaria), or watching movie?’. We all preferred watching movie, since almost nobody likes/wants to know about the geology of Pirin, its highest peaks and their height; its types of rocks, etc.I think we made very good choice. The film was really interesting, amazing, impressive and also useful and informational.

I think it’s the way that we both study and have fun. We learned a lot of the things from the movie, and at the same time, we were very interested, which helps us remember the lesson more easily. In fact, watching moves is a kind of hobby, or thing, we do in our free time, so when we watched it, we as though were not in school. We just imagined that we’re somewhere else with many friends around, watching interesting movie, which taught us a lot of things. And the interesting thing is that I remember the film very clearly and learned the things, described there. Instead of being sleepy and bored, listening to what is the length and structure of Pirin, I was very concentrated and interested in the film. Big advantage of the movies are their visual-sound effects, which just grasp our interest. We not only imagine, but also see and hear what is going on in a thunder. We saw many interesting scenes of natural disasters, and there were also very funny scenes :D.In this lesson, I realized something important: The way, in which a lesson runs (протича), determines the attitude of the students to the subject to big degree. Even the noisiest students were concentrated and silent during the movie, although they are very bored and careless in the other lessons.I was also very pleasantly-affected and impressed by this lesson, so although I’ve never been interested in geography, I liked it very much today and that subject made me feel good and relaxed. Whether we like or dislike a subject depends on the way, the teachers teach us to big degree.

I think that it’s good idea if in all our lessons, at least in geography, we watch movie – then we’ll both learn new and interesting things, and we’ll have fun. It’s such pleasure…watching interesting and useful film with your 25 friends around you, and a teacher, who explains you the things, you don’t understand… There is not more pleasant lesson than it J



1. razmisli - June 5, 2008

Maybe someone needs to make a movie about Pirin that would be as interesting and fun as the BBC movie on water. Why don’t you write a script for one?
Movies are great… but they put you in a position of dependence, if you rely on them only. It’s just one of the myriads of styles of learning. There are other ways around classroom boredom though, don’t despair 🙂 Good luck with your discoveries!

2. stephanihuber42173 - April 10, 2016

I use the GUI version. I transfer the files into Quicktime movies. Click http://pepij.nl/succeaa100645

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